LouReviews launched in the first week of January 2012 and is intended to be a one-stop-shop for theatre, film, concert, television, book and DVD reviews, with the odd tribute and profile of people I admire, and anything else I feel like sharing.

It’s one of the blogs linked at https://www.londontheatre1.com/news/119875/london-theatre-blogs/ (London Theatre Blogs).

Although the vast majority of performances and products reviewed are paid for, I also review on request and note where this is the case.

This is the personal blog of Louise Penn, writer, editor, film and theatre fan, based in London.

You can follow Louise on Twitter as @loureviewsblog and on Letterboxd as loureviews.

louisecol72 AT gmail DOT com

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4 responses to “About

  • Gita

    Hi Louise…Loved reading this! We’ve been trying to track down the Maggie Smith/Robert Stephens/Derek Jacobi “Much Ado…” & wonder how this could be done. Any ideas? We’re in California. Thanks much for any suggestions.

    • Louise

      Hi Gita – this Much Ado production was thought to be lost until rediscovered in the archives of the Library of Congress in late 2010. I assume copies have been returned to the UK and that the LoC have also retained the material, so seeing if you can view it there by some means is probably your best bet. It is certainly well worth watching, I really enjoyed it.

  • BeWithUs

    All the best to you and happy blogging!

    Do have a wonderful weekend ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  • Thom Hickey

    Thanks. CM is a great performer and keeper of tradition. You may enjoy my post on another irish star, Paul Brady, on the immortal jukebox. Regards Thom

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